Important Festivals & Fairs of Barmer

Barmer District in Rajasthan | City | Festivals & Fairs of Barmer

Barmer is known for its folk music and dance. The Bhopas (priest singers) who compose music in honour of the deities of the region and its war heroes, are found in Barmer. The other folk musicians come from a community called the Muslim Dholis (drummers). Langas and Manganiars are the some of these communities. This post lists important festivals & fairs of Barmer:

Barmer Thar Festivalthar-festival  

In 1986, District administration in collaboration with the Tourism Department started the festival as a practice to enhance tourism potential and to maintain archeological, historical, religious places. The purpose of the festival is to showcase Barmer handicraft industry at international level. The event runs for three days and its programmes includes folk dances, classical performances, folk-music concerts and craft exhibition for tourist and local audiences as well.


Barmer Cattle Fair:

A Cattle fair is held every year at Tilwara village situated on the banks of the Luni river. The fair goes on for a fortnight in the months of March and April.

Important Festivals Fairs of Barmer

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