Geography of Rajasthan: Additional Chapters PDF June 2019

Free Rajasthan Geography PDF

The first PDF book on Geography of Rajasthan was published more than a year back, since then, we have updated few of the chapters as new government information was released and also we have written acrticles on some of the geography related topics.

At this time, 13 June 2019, we have complied all this information, in a separate PDF and have released it as this eBook. If you have purchased Geography of Rajasthan PDF prior to this date, then you can download this PDF as supplementary PDF.

For users, who are purchasing the Geography of Rajasthan PDF after 13th June 2019, the downloaded PDF is already updated.

For maximum benefit of aspirants & to avoid any undue inconvenience, this PDF has been kept as FREE of COST.


  • Geology of Rajasthan
  • Earthquake Hazard in Rajasthan
  • Water Resources of Rajasthan
  • Water Resource Management.
  • Irrigation in Rajasthan
  • Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project: ERCP
  • Land Use pattern of Rajasthan
  • Natural Vegetation-Forests of Rajasthan
  • Agriculture Snapshot of Rajasthan

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