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Download Economic Survey 2020 PDF | Key Highlights of Economic Survey 2019-20

The annual Economic Survey  2020 was tabled in Parliament on Friday (31 January 2020) by Finance Minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman. The survey has been prepared by Chief economic adviser Krishnam­urthy Subramanian.

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Released on 29 January 2021

What is Economic Survey ?

The Economic Survey is an annual document that reviews the developments in the economy over the previous 12 months. The document summarises the performance on major development programmes, highlights the policy initiatives of the government and analyses the prospects of the economy in the short to medium-term. It is a detailed report card on the economic performance throughout the financial year.

Every year, the Economic Survey is tabled in the Parliament a day before the Union Budget.


Economic Survey 2020 (2019-20): Important Highlights

  • The theme for The Economic Survey 2019-20 is “Wealth Creation“.
  • The Economic Survey 2019-20 presents “Thalinomics”- an attempt to relate economics to the common person using something that he or she encounters every day – a plate of food i.e. a Thali.
  • The Survey’s conceptualisation of wealth creation, presents a synthesis of the old and the new, be it in the combination of ancient Indian tradition with contemporary evidence or in suggesting the use of FinTech for our Public Sector Banks. The survey cover conveys synthesis as well, with the lavender of the new “` 100 note” coming together with the one of older currency notes – that of Rs. 100.
  • The Survey consists of two volumes:
    • Volume I  attempts to capture ideas that encapsulate “economic freedom and wealth creation”, provides evidence based economic analyses of recent economic developments to enable informed policymaking.
    • Volume II reviews recent developments in the major sectors of the economy and is supported by relevant statistical tables and data. 

Download Economic Survey 2019-20

Download Economic Survey 2020 PDF English – Volume 1 | Volume 2


List of chapters: Economic Survey 2019-20

Volume I:

PrefacePDF File
Wealth Creation: The Invisible Hand Supported by the Hand of TrustPDF File
Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation at the GrassrootsPDF File
Pro-Business versus Pro-CronyPDF File
Undermining Markets: When Government intervention hurts more than it helpsPDF File
Creating jobs and growth by specializing to exports in network productsPDF File
Targeting ease of doing business in IndiaPDF File
Golden jubilee of bank nationalisation: Taking stockPDF File
Financial fragility in the NBFC sectorPDF File
Privatization and wealth creationPDF File
Is India’s GDP growth rate overstated? No!PDF File
Thalinomics: The Economics of a plate of food in IndiaPDF File



Volume II:

PrefacePDF File
State of the Economy in 2018-19: A Macro View PDF File
Fiscal DevelopmentsPDF File
External SectorPDF File
Monetary Management and Financial IntermediationPDF File
Prices & InflationPDF File
Sustainable Development and Climate ChangePDF File
Agriculture and Food ManagementPDF File
Industry and InfrastructurePDF File
Services SectorPDF File
Social Infrastructure, Employment and Human DevelopmentPDF File

Download Economic Survey 2019-20

Download Economic Survey 2020 PDF English – Volume 1 | Volume 2


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