Chief Minister’s Advisory Council (CMAC)

Chief Minister's Advisory Council

In 2014, Rajasthan government constituted an executive committee of the Chief Minister’s Advisory Council (CMAC). The Council also has sub-groups with the participation of senior IAS officers heading different departments.  One executive committee and Nine-Sub-groups on different sectors have been constituted under the council. Till December 2017, 4 CMAC meetings, 1 Executive Committee meeting and 42 different Sub-group meetings have been held.

Aim of  Chief Minister’s Advisory Council

The primary aim of Chief Minister’s Advisory Council is to suggest measures for sustainable, balanced and overall development of the state.  Additionally, The Chief Minister’s Advisory Council will advise the State Government in the following areas:-

  • a) Sustainable, balanced and rapid economic growth and development of specially the following sectors:
    • Roads
    • Power
    • Water Resources
    • Education
    • Health
    • Livelihood & Employment
    • Women Empowerment
    • Tourism
  • b) Creation of social and economic infrastructure including urban infrastructure.
  • c) Means of increasing public-private partnership specially in delivery of Social Services and
  • d) Systems of review and effective implementation of schemes and programmes, to judge actual outcomes more substantially than just statistics.
  • e) Any other subject assigned by the Chairperson/State Government

The Chairperson may constitute Working Group (s)/Sub Groups as may be considered necessary and may also co-opt members for specific inputs. Meetings of the CMAC will be convened as often as required. The Planning Department will serve as Secretariat of the Chief Minister’s Advisory Council.

Composition of CMAC

  • Chief Minister is the Head (Chairman) of CMAC.
  • C.S. Rajan – Full-time Deputy Chairman
  • Secretary Planning – Member Secretary
  • Members – Twenty two eminent personalities of different sectors have been nominated in the council.
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