Oceans of the World

Oceans of the World

Water is an essential component of all life forms that exist over the surface of the earth. The earth, fortunately has an abundant supply of water on its surface. Hence, our planet is called the ‘Blue Planet’. About 71 per cent of the planetary water is found in the oceans. The boundaries between these Oceans …

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Plains of the World

Pampas of Argentina _ Plains of the World

Plains are large stretches of flat land. Generally, they are not more than 200 metres above mean sea level. Plains are usually very fertile and population settlements are concentrated here. The Indo-Gangetic plains, the Mississippi plain and the Yang-tze plain are some of the famous plains of the world. Some plains are extremely level. Others …

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Plateaus of the World

Columbia Plateau Plateaus of the world

Plateaus are elevated uplands with extensive level surfaces, and usually descend steeply to the surrounding lowlands. Like all highlands plateaux are subjected to erosional processes, which usually results in alteration of their general features. Plateaus form an important landform throughout the geography of the world. A plateau is an elevated flat land. It is a …

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Mountains of the World

Mountains of the World

Mountains make up large proportion of the earth’s surface. Some of the mountain systems contain ranges spread over hundreds of kilometres. This posts summaries important mountains of the world based on their mode of formation. A mountain is any natural elevation of the earth surface. Definition of Mountain When these mountains are arranged in a …

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Introduction During 15th and 16th century A.D. the European society witnessed tremendous changes. The beginning of Renaissance developed enquiring spirit and scientific outlook among the Europeans. The Reformation movement challenged the medieval religious set up. It was against the Orthodox Church and the abuses of the pope. It gave birth to a new religious order …

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