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RAS Mains 2018 Paper 2 Solutions-References

RAS Mains 2018 Paper 2 Answers Solutions

RAS Mains 2018 Paper 2: GENERAL STUDIES & GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (Total 200 Marks) (Total 39 Question) RAS Mains 2018 Paper 2: Unit I: 65 Marks UNIT: I – Part: A (2*5  = 10 Marks | 15 Words) Q1. How does the concept of ‘Rta’ enhance administrative excellence ? किस प्रकार ‘ऋत” की धारणा प्रशासनिक उत्कृष्टता को …

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Rajras RAS Mains Questions: October 10

GS-I Considering the state of present relations with Pakistan. Should  India put a hold on Trade with Pakistan? Comment. GS-II What are genetically modified crops? Comment on the issue surrounding their application in Indian Scenario. GS-III Describe the role of Governor in Indian Polity.

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