Administrative Ethics

Ethics in Private and Public Relationships

Administrative Ethics

Ethics in Public relationships refers to those ethical/moral standards which are required to followed by an individual (or civil servant) when dealing with the public while performing his/her duties. Salient features: They are governed by a code of conduct/code of ethics They include values like honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability, selflessness etc. They have an influence …

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Concept of Rit (Rta) & Rin (Rna)

Rta and Rna in Ancient Indian Philosophy

The ancient Indian sources of knowledge are Vedas, which consist of Samhitas, Brahmanas and Aranyakas. Among the Samhitas, Rigveda Samhita is the oldest and serves as a source for rest of the vedic literature. Rita (Rit | Rta) is the most dominant ethical concept in the Rigveda. It is considered as the origin of Indian ethical thought. Rit/ Rita …

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