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Management, Accounting & Auditing – Download PDF – RAS Mains 2018

Management-Accounting-Auditing-PDF Book RAS Mains 2018

Management, Accounting & Auditing PDF RAS Mains 2018 Price: INR 40 Buy from Instamojo|PayTM Store This Book contains course material for RAS Mains 2018: General Studies Paper 1, Unit on Management, Accounting & Auditing. Chapters are mentioned as under: Management Management: Concept & Principles. Functions of Management. Decision Making Leadership. Motivation.. Communication.. Aspects of Staffing Marketing. …

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Communication: Concept & Theories


Communication plays key role in smooth functioning of organisation. Success of ‘Direction‘ depends on the effectiveness of communication. Proper communications in organisations at all levels and between all levels can improve both the quantity and quality of output. Definition: The word communi’cation has been derived from the Latin word ‘communis’ which means ‘common’ which consequently implies …

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Working Capital Management

Every Company makes investment in fixed and current assets. Fixed assets like e.g., plant and machinery, land and building, vehicles, etc, remains in the business for more than one year. On the other hand, Current assets like inventories, debtors, bills receivables, etc. get converted into cash or cash equivalents within one year. Some part of these, current assets …

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