Bal Sabha initiative in Rajasthan

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Recently, the state government of Rajasthan has introduced Bal Sabha initiative, as an attempt to bring out and sharpen talent among young students in government schools and to provide them with a platform to perform and a weekly occasion to their parents, villagers and local representatives to interact with the school teachers, to know about the working of the school.

The sabhas have now become an awaited event every week for the students, parents, locals as well as teachers.

Earlier, the sabhas were restricted only to school premises and were meant for only primary and middle-level students. Bal Sabha now have expanded to the local community, proving itself as a platform for students to perform and for parents and locals to appreciate them as well as to get feedback on the working of school.

Additionally, the students are also showing an inclination to learn the arts on the verge of extinction and the Bal Sabha is coming up as a platform for the students in government schools to perform.

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