2 March 2024

Subject – Sociology

Topic – Challenges before Indian Society: Issues of Dowry, Divorce, Child Marriage, Corruption, Communalism, Poverty, Unemployment, Drug Addiction, Vulnerable sections especially Dalits, the Elderly and the Disabled

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Q. What measures has the Rajasthan government taken to control child marriages? [2 M]

NFHS-5 data shows a 10% decline in the child marriage rate in the last five years in Rajasthan (% of women between 20-24 years married before 18)

Q. What is de-globalisation? [2 M]

It is the process of diminishing interdependence and integration between the nations. It is characterised by the decline in economic trade and investment between countries.
{Reasons : Trade Wars , Decoupling (Reducing dependence on particular country), Protectionism (America’s first Policy) etc

Q. What are the Factors Contributing to De-Sanskritization? [5 M]

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