18 April Covid19 Updates for Rajasthan

Coronavirus in Rajasthan | COVID 19| Corona Virus in Rajasthan

This posts lists important announcements, information & updates for 18 April regarding situation of Corona Virus in Rajasthan. Chief Minister Shri Gehlot took stock of situation for the proposed ‘Modified Lockdown’ with Deputy Chief Minister, other Ministers, Secretaries of the concerned departments and the District Collectors through video conference on 17 April.

Chief Secretary Shri DB Gupta said that the guidelines related to the Modified Lockdown would be implemented in the state from April 20. For this, all the departments concerned should keep themselves prepared and updated.

Additional Chief Secretary Home Shri Rajeeva Swarup gave a presentation on the new lockdown guidelines to be followed and suggested the district administration, police and other departments to ensure effective implementation of the same with sensitivity.

Additional Chief Secretary Medical Shri Rohit Kumar Singh said that at present the situation of corona infection in Rajasthan is under control, but have to ready for every situation. He said Rajasthan is at the bottom in regard to corona death rate.

State Government Serious on Problems of Migrant Labourers

Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot has said that the State Government is serious about the problems of labourers of Rajasthan caught up in other states and similarly labourers of other states stuck here due to lockdown. He said, “We are continuously talking to the Government of India to send these labourers to their homes. It is hoped that there will be some solution to this problem soon.”

Rajasthani’s in other states

He said the state government was continuously having dialogue with the Chief Ministers of the concerned states to provide relief to Rajasthani’s trapped in their regions. Besides this, the problem of people caught in different districts within Rajasthan will also be resolved soon.”

Motivate People In The Hour Of Crisis

He said the people of Rajasthan, the administrative officials and the government had proved that they all were united in this hour of crisis and had capability to defeat this pandemic. Shri Gehlot said that in Rajasthan everybody was working as a united force at every level to prevent the pandemic. “This solidarity will make us successful in defeating Corona virus,” he added.

The Chief Minister said that the people were facing problem in staying homes as the businesses remaining shut for a long duration due to the lockdown. It was important to keep the morale of the people high and they were needed to be motivated with the help of educationalists, sociologists and other experts etc.

Awareness campaign should be organised at mass level by inspiring and educating people through pamphlets, videos, written articles etc. He said that it was very important to maintain the confidence of the personnel involved in fighting corona round the clock.

1530 Licenses Issued To Food Processing Units To Buy Directly From Farmers

The CM said that to ensure that farmers get better prices for their crops and are not cheated by the middlemen, the state government issued 1530 licenses to the Food Processing Units for direct purchase from the farmers.

Contingency Plan For Supply of Drinking Water Is Ready

Shri Gehlot said that contingency plan has been prepared for the smooth supply of drinking water in the State during the summers. He said Rs 65 crore has been approved for this. The Government is aware that people will need more water due to lockdown and it will be ensured that all people get sufficient supply of water.

Industries Minister Shri Parsadi Lal Meena said that the people should not face scarcity of drinking water supplies due to lockdown. He said that the public was extending full support to the state government during the lockdown.

Water Supplies and Energy Minister Shri BD Kalla said that there would be no shortage of drinking water in the state. To ensure this, a contingency plan had been prepared.

Animal Husbandry facing difficulties

Agriculture Minister Shri Lalchand Kataria said that those doing poultry farming were in great difficulties due to lockdown and their issues needed urgent attention. He said that all arrangements related to Animal Husbandry department were well in place.

Sufficient fodder should be made available

Social Justice & Empowerment Minister Master Bhanwar Lal Meghwal said that fodder should be made available in sufficient quantities in locust-affected and drought prone areas.

Switch to Online Education System

Minister of State for Higher Education Shri Bhanwar Singh Bhati said that during the crisis time college students were being linked with online education system. 

Distribution Of Wheat Under NFSA In Record Time

Food & Civil Supplies Minister Shri Ramesh Meena said that in Rajasthan we received wheat in record quantities under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) scheme and distributed the same well in time. Problems in the process of to distribution of ration would be addressed.

Cooperatives Minister Shri Uday Lal Anjana said that procurement of crops on Minimum Support Price (MSP) had started. Officials should ensure that procurement from the farmers should be smooth and health protocol should be properly followed. 

Grant of Rs. 275 Crore To Cow Shelters

Gopalan Minister Shri Pramod Bhaya said that an amount of Rs. 275 crore had been granted for cow-shelters. 

Testing Capacity Will Soon Increase To 10,000 Per Day

Medical & Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma asked all the Collectors to send plans for strengthening health infrastructure in their respective districts. He said the labs should be established for conducting Corona tests.Also, the capacity of different labs functional in Rajasthan was being increased for testing corona infection, he said further adding that very soon the testing capacity would rise from 4,000 tests per day to 10,000 tests per day.

Shri Gehlot said, “The state is leading in conducting tests for Corona. We are making efforts to increase the ambit of testing to contain the infection. For this, from Friday onwards Rapid Anti-body Tests have started.” He said that the efforts were being made to set up labs and make available other necessary resources available in all the districts of the state. This could help in doing Corona tests at the local level.

Deputy Chief Minister Shri Sachin Pilot said the state government and the administration had taken several good steps to prevent spread of Corona virus. He said, “In future as well, our efforts should be to we work with the same spirit.” The role of health workers and the police had been good. The administration should take special measures to ensure that untoward incident could be prevented, he added.

Social Justice & Empowerment Minister Master Bhanwar Lal Meghwal said that proper vigilance should be kept on Corona hotspots.

18 April Covid19 Updates for Rajasthan

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