Human Behaviour

Personality: Concept & Definitions

In popular usage, the word personality is something akin to attractiveness, charm of charisma.  It  generally refers to the physical or external appearance of an individual and is often understood in terms of social attractiveness. The literal meaning of personality is derived from the Latin word persona, the mask used by actors in the Roman …

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Different Types of Intelligence Theory

In the previous article we had discussed the basic concept and definitions of Intelligence. This article summarises the different theories of intelligence postulated by different researchers to explain the nature of intelligence. Let’s start with the first intelligence theory: Uni or one factor theory As mentioned in Concept & Definitions of Intelligence, Alfred Binet was …

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Stress Management: Strategy & Techniques

Techniques for Stress Management

Life in today’s world is becoming more and more stressful. Consequently, stress management has assumed paramount importance. Stress Management Techniques There are rnany simple ways to combat stress. We can club these methods of stress management in two broad categories: Self Help methods Learnt Methods Self-Help Methods: This category covers ways of managing stress by observing …

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Stress: Nature, Types, Sources, Symptoms, Effects

Effects of Stress-Definition, Nature, Types, Sources, Effects, Consequences

Stress is a psychological condition and body discomfort. It is a common phenomenon associated with a  feeling of emotional or physical tension. When the person experiences a constraint inhibiting the accomplishment of desire and demand for accomplishment, it leads to potential stress. Every individual experiences stress at some or other time. Definitions: The word stress has its …

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