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General Studies: I

–Unit– –eBook/PDF– –Price–
1. Rajasthan History Ancient History of Rajasthan (Till 1200 A.D.) INR 29
2. Rajasthan History Important Dynasties of Rajasthan INR 15
3. Rajasthan History Modern History of Rajasthan ( 1707 – 1947) INR 30
4. Rajasthan History Historic Battles of Rajasthan INR 29
5. Rajasthan History Literature Art Architecture Culture and Heritage of Rajasthan PDF INR 49
6. India History Architecture & Culture of India INR 50
7. Rajasthan Economy Economy of Rajasthan INR 50
8. Rajasthan Economy Summary PDF: Economic Review of Rajasthan 2019-20 INR 25
Sociology To be Released N/A
16. Management,  Accounting & Auditing

Management, Accounting & Auditing PDF

INR 40

General Studies: II

–Unit– –eBook/PDF– –Price–
Administrative Ethics To be Released N/A
Science & Tech. To be Released N/A
15. Rajasthan Agriculture Rajasthan Agriculture PDF INR 15
9. Rajasthan Geography Geography of Rajasthan PDF INR 50
19. Rajasthan Geography Rajasthan Environment PDF INR 40

General Studies: III

–Unit– –eBook/PDF– –Price–
18. Rajasthan CA Rajasthan Current Affairs PDF: April – May 2019 INR 19 Free
10. Rajasthan CA Rajasthan Current Affairs PDF: Dec 2018 – March 2019 INR 19 Free
11. Rajasthan CA Rajasthan Current Affairs PDF: August – Nov 2018 INR 25 Free
12. Rajasthan Polity Important Government Schemes in Rajasthan INR 30 Free
13. Rajasthan Polity Rajasthan Polity & Administration PDF INR 40
Public Administration To be Released N/A
14. Sports & Yoga Sports & Yoga PDF INR 29
Behaviour To be Released N/A
Law To be Released N/A

Rajasthan GK

S.NO ————Book & Author—————– View/ Download
17. Rajasthan GK Rajasthan Through District INR 50

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