Reasoning & Maths

Cube & Cuboids

 Introduction: In a cube or a cuboid there are six faces in each. In a cube length, breadth and height are same while in cuboid these are different. In a cube the number of unit cubes = (side)3. In cuboid the number of unit cube = (l x b x h). Example: A cube of …

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Cube & Dice Problems

Introduction: Dice is a cube. In cube there are 6 faces. Some important points are given below: There are 6 faces in the cube – ABCG, GCDE, DEFH, BCDH, AGEF and ABHF. Always four faces are adjacent to one face. Opposite of ABCG is DEFH and so on. CDEG is the upper face of the …

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Coding & Decoding

Coding & Decoding questions help judge candidate’s ability to understand the logic that codes a particular message and his/her ability to read the message. Question from coding can com from variety of types and so we shall see them one by one.bUt before going into any topic or question, we first need to understand What is significance …

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