26 April RAS Mains Answer Writing

Ras mains answer writing practice

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Subject – Account & Audit

Topic – Basic knowledge of Double Entry System of Accounting, Techniques of analysis of Financial Statements, Responsibility, and Social Accounting; Meaning & Objectives of Auditing, Social, Performance, and Efficiency Audit

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Q1.What are the main differences between a Single Entry System and a Double Entry System in accounting?(2M)

Q2. What is responsibility accounting?  Provide examples of different types of responsibility centers and their functions. (5M)


Responsibility accounting is a management control system that designates organizational functions to specific units called responsibility centers.  

  • Operating on the principle of the controllability concept, it asserts that managers should only be held responsible for aspects of performance within their control. 
  • The system utilizes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure variance, facilitating the assessment and management of individual responsibility centers’ performance.
CenterPurpose Example
Cost Centreresponsible for the cost incurred. production department 
Revenue CenterResponsible for generating revenue.marketing department
Profit Centerresponsible for both revenues and costs.  retail store division
Investment Centreresponsible not only for profits but also for investments made in the center in the form of assetsR&D Division


  1. Cost Centre: a segment of an organisation in which managers are held responsible for the cost incurred. For example, in a manufacturing organisation → production department 
  2. Revenue Center: a segment of an organisation which is primarily responsible for generating revenue.   For example, marketing department of an organisation. 
  3. Profit Center: a segment of an organisation whose manager is responsible for both revenues and costs.  For example, retail store division
  4. Investment Centre: An investment centre is responsible not only for profits but also for investments made in the centre in the form of assets.  For example R&D Division

Q3. What are the meaning and objectives of auditing?(5M)


Auditing is the systematic and scientific examination of an entity’s books of accounts and records by an independent and qualified professional, known as an auditor. The primary purpose is to ensure the accurate and reliable presentation of the financial state of affairs and profit/loss in the balance sheet and profit and loss account, providing a true and fair view.

Q.4 कोटातापीय विद्युतगृह, कोटा में छठी इकाई स्थापित करने हेतु उपशासन सचिव, ऊर्जा विभाग की ओर से जारी अधिसूचना का प्रारूप प्रस्तुत कीजिए।


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