24 April 2024 RAS Mains Answer Writing

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Subject – Management

Topic – Modern concept of Marketing, Marketing Mix – Product, Price, Place and Promotion, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Mix, E-Commerce and E-Marketing, Business and Corporate Ethics, Entrepreneurship: Incubation, Startups, Unicorns, Venture Capital, Angel Investors. Management of Essential Services: Education Management, Healthcare, and Wellness Management; Tourism and Hospitality Management

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Q1 What are Unicorns and Decacorns?(2M)


Q2 What does the marketing mix concept entail? Briefly explain two elements of it.(5M)


The marketing mix refers to the combination of controllable variables, or marketing tools, chosen by firms to create their market offering. This strategy takes into consideration other non-controllable variables to ensure a comprehensive approach in reaching and satisfying the target market. The marketing mix, often represented by the 4PsProduct (the actual goods or services), Price (the cost associated with the product), Place (the distribution channels used to reach the target market), and Promotion (the communication strategies employed to create awareness and stimulate demand). 

1.Product  : Product means goods or services or ‘anything of value’, which is offered to the market for exchange.

  • It should fulfill 3 benefits for customer → i) Functional benefit , ii) Psychological benefit, iii)social benefit 
  • The important product decisions include deciding about the features, quality, packaging, labelling and branding of the products
  • Marketing strategies should be different for entire product life cycle comprising -Intoduction, Growth, maturity,and decline 

2.Price– : Price is the amount of money customers pay for the product or service.

  • Pricing strategies include cost-based pricing, value-based pricing, and competitive pricing.
  • Pricing decisions also consider discounts, payment terms, and overall perceived value.

3.Place  → Place refers to the distribution channels and locations where customers can access the product or service. It involves decisions on distribution channels, logistics, inventory management, and retail outlets.

4.Promotion  → Promotion involves the marketing and communication strategies to create awareness and encourage customer adoption of the product or service. It includes advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and digital marketing.

Q3 What is Supply Chain Management (SCM), and briefly explain the major drivers of an SCM?(5M)


Supply chain management is the (i) integral, seamless management of (ii) a network linking upstream and downstream activities, (iii) from the production of goods and services to delivering them to consumers.

  • A robust supply chain management (SCM) should be resilient, seamless, and adhere to a systemic approach for measuring performance over multiple processes, rather than a single process

Each supply chain has its own unique set of market demands and operating challenges but following five major drivers are common to any SCM-

  1. PRODUCTION- what, how and when to produce.
  2. INVENTORY- How much to make and how much to store.
  3. TRANSPORTATION- How and when to move products.
  4. LOCATION- Where best to do what activity.
  5. INFORMATION- The basis of making these decisions.

To increase output while simultaneously reducing inventory and operating expense, responsiveness and efficiency in each of these drivers is required.

Q.4 मुख्य वन संरक्षक, राजस्थान जयपुर की ओर से समस्त जिला वन संरक्षकों के नाम एक परिपत्र लिखें, जिसमें जुलाई माह में जिला स्तर पर सघन पौधारोपण अभियान चलाने का उल्लेख हो।                                                                          [RAS Mains 2018]


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