M N Srinivas

Dominant Caste

Sociology for RAS Mains GS Paper 1

Besides caste, Srinivas looks for yet another source or manifestation of tradition. He found it in the notion of ‘dominant caste’ He first proposed it in his early papers on the village of Rampura. The concept has been discussed and applied to a great deal in work on social and political organization in India. He …

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M. N. Srinivas on Caste

Sociology for RAS Mains GS Paper 1

Srinivas approach to study of caste is attributional i.e. analyses caste through its attributes. He assigned certain attributes to the caste system. These are : Hierarchy: To Srinivas, hierarchy is the core or the essence of the caste system It refers to the arrangements of hereditary groups in a rank order. He points out that it is …

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