Mukundhara Hills Darrah National Park

Mukundhara Hills Darrah National Park

Mukundhara Hills (Darrah) National Park is situated between two parallel mountains viz. Mukundra and Gagrola which run across a length of about 80 km (from Murlipura to Rawatbhata).

The name ‘Darrah’ means ‘pass’ in the local language that was derived by the localities as this place served as a pass during the wars by Marathas, Rajput’s and British. The beautiful park and scenic beauty are located and based between the mountains of Mukundra and Gagrola . Along the boundaries of the valley, four mystic rivers flow namely Ramzan, Ahu, Kali, and Chambal.


  • 1955 – Darrah was declared a wildlife sanctuary ((Protected area)
  • 2004 – Declared as Mukundra Hills National Park
  • 2013 – Got approval from NTCA & declared as Tiger Reserve.
  • 2020 – Moefcc notifies MHTR Eco-Sensitive Zone

Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve

Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve (MHTR) was established in the year 2013 which encompasses area of Mukundara Hills National Park, Dara Sanctuary, Jawahar Sagar Sanctuary and part of National Chambal Ghariyal Sanctuary (From Garadia Mahadev to Jawahar Sagar Dam) which constitutes the core area of MHTR.

After Ranthambhore and Sariska, Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve is a third big cat habitat in Rajasthan. The Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve is spread across four districts-Kota, Bundi, Chittorgarh and Jhalawar-covering an area of 759 square kms. It boasts of a core area of 417 square kms and a buffer zone covering 342.82 square kms. The reserve is a combination of three wildlife  sanctuaries namely:

Mukandara Hills Tiger Reserve is not only rich in scenic beauty and biodiversity, but also has at least two probable corridors from Ranthambhore–one through Indergarh – Lakheri – Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary-Dabi – Jawahar Sagar Sanctuary and the other through the ravines of Chambal and Kalisindh to Dara.

However, special efforts are required to conserve this rich natural heritage, to provide safe passage/corridor to the tigers of adjacent Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and to reintroduce tigers in the area. In 2017, after approvals, the department started reintroduction of Tigers in Mukundhara hills tiger reserve from Ranthambore.

Area & Location:

Source: Dailymail UK

Mukundhara Hills (Darrah) National Park is located about 56 kms from Kota, on the KotaJhalawar road in Rajasthan.


Apart from tigers, other wildlife includes panther, deer, wild boar and bear. This thickly wooded area is home to a large variety of birds as well.

Nearby Places to See:

  • Alnia dam for rock paintings.
  • Jagmandir Palace
  • Garh Palace
  • Maharao Madho Singh Museum
  • Jawahar Sagar Dam
  • Garadiya Mahadev Temple

Best Time to visit

  • October to March
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