Rajasthan Tourism Policy 2020

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In September 2020, Rajasthan Government introduced released Rajasthan Tourism Policy 2020 to reposition Rajasthan as a preferred tourism destination for both domestic as well as international tourists by offering tourists a high quality experience.

Rajasthan Tourism Policy 2020: Vision

The vision of Rajasthan Tourism Policy 2020 is to:

  • Reposition Rajasthan as a preferred tourism destination for both domestic as well as international tourists by offering tourists a high quality experience.
  • Through responsible and sustainable policies ensuring conservation of natural, historical and cultural heritage of the State while simultaneously accelerating socio-economic development by improving livelihood opportunities for the local population.


The Rajasthan Tourism Policy 2020 shall remain in operation for a period of 5 years from the date of its notification or for a period as may be determined by the Government or until substitution by another policy, whichever is earlier.


The objectives of Rajasthan Tourism Policy 2020 include:

  1. Promote Rajasthan as a leading tourism brand in national and international markets.
  2. Strengthen and diversify existing tourism products.
  3. Provide innovative tourism products and services with focus on lesser known destinations especially in rural areas.
  4. Improve the connectivity of tourist destinations through road, rail and air.
  5. Expand tourist accommodation infrastructure.
  6. Broad based promotion and marketing of tourism products.
  7. Facilitate tourism specific skill development to create gainful self-employment.
  8. Create suitable mechanisms to promote effective interdepartmental coordination.
  9. Take steps to encourage private sector investment in the State.
  10. To provide a safe and secure environment for tourists and in particular women travellers and also improve tourist grievance redressal systems.
  11. To empower the department with suitable administrative structure for extending approvals for establishment of tourism units.
  12. Market research and developing statistics grid development framework for better policy making and forecasting.

Rajasthan Tourism Policy 2020: Salient Features

  • The tourism department of Rajasthan will work to enhance existing tourism products and also offer new experimental tourism products like Desert Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Wild life and Eco-Tourism, Tribal Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Crafts & Cuisine Tourism, MICE Tourism, Weekend Getaway Tourism, Religious Tourism, Wedding Tourism, Wellness Tourism, Roots Tourism, Rural Tourism, Film Tourism etc.
  • Special tourism zones will be declared.
  • Steps will be taken to strengthen tourism infrastructure across state including preparing area based / circuit based tourism master plan, improving cleanliness and hygiene at tourist destinations, improving accessibility for specially abled persons and improving the drainage system of tourist destinations.
  • The department will also take steps to improve accommodation facilities in the state. A ‘Guest House’ scheme will be launched to promote establishments offering 5 to 20 rooms. Home Stays will be encouraged and a scheme for their promotion, grading and listing will be formulated.
  • Department of Tourism would work towards spreading awareness about employment opportunities in tourism sector and will start an online portal for youth, trainers and industry to interact and exchange information.
  • Suitable amendments will be made in the Rajasthan Tourism Trade (Facilitation and Regulation) Act, 2010 and Rules thereof so as to give more functional powers/ Police Act powers to Tourist Assistance Force in order to make it more effective.
  • To implement this Tourism Policy, a robust administrative mechanism will be set up in Department of Tourism. A dedicated Policy Implementation Unit (PIU) will be set-up with a nodal team responsible for implementation of this policy.

Rajasthan Tourism Policy 2020

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