Potential Ecotourism Sites in Rajasthan

Ecotourism sites in Rajasthan

This post lists potential ecotourism sites in Rajasthan, according to the districts and highlights few features:


Name of the Eco Site

Main Features

Ajmer Jawaja
Water tank, good forest
Ajmer Panchkund
Deer Park, nursery, good forest, near place of religious importance
Ajmer Pitambar ki Gal
Gorge with good forest, temple
Ajmer Sokhida
Good forest, Local spot
Ajmer Udaipur (Kishangarh)
Lake surrounded by forest
Alwar Bala Kila
Near the city with view, temple, surrounded by good forest
Alwar Silisade
Fall, good forest, wildlife, near the water body and Historical
Alwar Tijara to Jhirka
Near religious place, good forest
Banswara Sharvan Dery
Harble garden, good reviving valley forest, back waters of Mahi
Banswara Shayampura
Herbal garden, Good forest
Banswara Tripura Sundari
Bhim Kund, Ram Kund,Hot and Cold spring, religious place,
Banswara Uda Babji Temple, good forest
Banswara Undvella
water stream, Temple, good valley forest
Baran Kunda Khoh
Water fall, picturesque forest, neat shahbad fort
Baran Shah bad Valley
Valley surrounded by good forest, small rest house
Baran Shergarh fort
Historical Place, good forest
Baran Sorsan
Closed area, Great Indian Bustard
Barmer Kiradoo
Ancient monument, good forest
Barmer Nakoda
Religious place, near good forest
Barmer Siwana
Good forest, Picnic site, rock climbing
Bharatpur Adi Badri
Temple, religious place, good forest
Bharatpur Bandh Baretha
Dam Unique vegetation, good forest, wildlife protected area
Bharatpur Fort Bharatpur
within the city, walled area having a good potential for development
Bharatpur Giri Govardhan
A small patch of forest, near highly visited religious place
Bhilwara Bairath Mata Temple, Good forest
Bhilwara Hamirgarh
Water tank, site for birds
Bhilwara Harni Mahadeo
Religious place, water tank, small forest patch
Bhilwara Menal
water fall with good depth, archological monuments, religious place
Bikaner Bajju Wildlife closed area
Bundi Ajitgarh Fort and good forest
Bundi Bherupura Good forest, Dam
Bundi Bhimlat Waterfall, good forest
Bundi Ramgarh fort
Historical place, good forest
Bundi Talwas
Lake surrounded by good forest
Chittorgarh Bassi Jharia Mahadeo
water stream, good forest, religious place
Chittorgarh Bhanwar Mata Temple, good forest
Chittorgarh Fort Chittorgarh
Historical place, deer park, good city overview
Chittorgarh Gotmeshwar
Near water stream, good valley view, religious place
Chittorgarh Hathodi hodi
Former Hunting Tower, a good forested valley
Chittorgarh Jhakam dam
Good forest , near dam
Chittorgarh Neelia Mahadeo
Small water stream, good forest, religious place
Chittorgarh Padajher Mahadeo
Water fall, picturesque forest, religious place
Chittorgarh Pangarh
Good forest, overview of a water lake
Dausa Garh Mora
Historical Capital of King Mordhwaj, water spring, good forest
Dausa Kala Kho
Dam, Water birds, Proximity to highway
Dausa Toda Bhim
Good forest, Historical Sites
Dholpur Damoh
Waterfall, Picturesque forest
Dholpur Deohansgarh
Historical place, good forest
Dholpur Talab Shahi
A water body, good bird watching place, protected area, old
architectural buildings near Badi
Dungarpur Deo Somnath
Good forest, Natural site
Dungarpur Vaneshwar Temple, good forest
Hanumangarh Pili Banga
Good sitings of Flamingoes and other tourist center
Jaipur Band Buchada Dam, good forest
Jaipur Galta Forest
Good forest, close to religious place, trekking routes
Jaipur Grass Farm
Nature trail, Diverse vegetation, Resting Place,
Jaipur Hawa hodi (Jamuwa
Former Hunting Tower, good forest, Near Dam, Picturesque Scenic
beauty, Trekking routes
Jaipur Jhalana Hills
Proximity to Jaipur City, Excellent density and diversity of forest
vegetation, trekking routes, World Forestry Arboretum, Jhalana
Jaipur Mayalabag
Historical, good forest, recreational potential
Jaipur Sambhar lake
Birds, large water body, good potential for development


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