West Banas River: Origin, Tributaries, Dams

west Banas river flood in rajasthan

The West Banas river is another west flowing river that rises near Pindwara village in Sirohi district of Rajasthan at an elevation of 372.5 m above mean sea level. The river flows in a south–westerly direction and after travelling length of 266 kms, empties into little Rann of Kachchh.

This river, is different from Banas River of Rajasthan, which flows towards east direction and is a tributary of Chambal river.

West Banas River Summary Sheet

Origin Near Pindwara village in Sirohi district, Rajasthan
Length 266 Kms
Discharge Rann of Kachchh
States & Major Cities
  • Rajasthan:
  • Gujarat:
Right Bank Tributaries Sipu
Left Bank Tributaries Batria, Sukli, Sewaran, Suket, Balaram and Khari
Major Dams The Dantiwada dam, Sipu dam

West Banas Basin:

West Banas drains an area of 8,674 sq km out of which nearly 38 % lies in Rajasthan State and the remaining 62 % falls in Gujarat state. It is bounded by Luni basin in the north, Sarasvati basin in the south, Aravalli Hill ranges in the east and Arabian Sea in the west.

The number of principal tributaries, which contribute significantly, is seven. Sipu is the only major tributary on the right bank. The other six tributaries namely Batria, Sukli, Sewaran, Suket, Balaram and Khari drain into the main channel from left bank. Hence draining system on the left bank of the Banas river is more extensive as compared to the right bank area.

West Banas River Course Basin

West Banas Tributaries:


  • Sipu is the prinicipal tributary of the Banas rising from Sirohi and Mount Abu hills in Sirohi district of Rajasthan state.
  • About 30% of Mount Abu hills direct runoff drains into Sipu river while about 70% of mount Abu hills direct runoff flows into Banas river.
  • The confluence of Sipu river and West Banas river is 12 km downstream of dantiwada dam.


  • Kahri river rises from Palanpur (B.K.distric) and drains into the Banasa river through Mehsana district at 80 km downstream of dantiwada dam.


  • The Sukli triburtary rises from aravalli hills near Pindwara of Sirohi district (Rajasthan) and drains into the Banas river downstream of Swaroopganj dam and 9 km upstream of Abu road of Rajasthan state.


  • The river rises near Ambaji hills of Aravalli range and drains into Banas, 3 km upstream of Abu road.

Dams on West Banas River

  • The Dantiwada dam and Sipu dam are the main irrigation structures existing on the main channel of West Banas river.
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