Bhakti Saints from Rajasthan

Bhakti Saints from Rajasthan

With start of medieval period, Hinduism started facing both internal and external threat. Internal threat came from short-comings of hindu religion like rigidity of caste system etc and external challenge came from the introduction of new religion of Islam.

The age saw development of a new path of Bhakti which was built on rooting out evils of Hindu religion and promoting harmony. The path of Bhakti grew as movement and spread across the country. In Rajasthan, the emergence of bhakti saints is witnessed from 16th century to end of 18 century.

Bhakti Saints from Rajasthan

  • Dadu Dayal
  • Mira Bai
  • Sundar das
  • Rajjab
  • Bhakhan
  • Wajind
  • Raghavdas
  • Lal Das
  • Charan Das
  • Mavaji

Dadu Dayal

  • Believed to be born in 1544 in Samvat near Ahemdabad, Gujarat
  • In 1568, came to Sambhar & began to give sermons and “Dhunia”
  • Followers of Dadu Dayal made – Dadu Panth.
  • Naraina is the prinicipal seat of Dadu Panthis. Here clothes & pothis of Dadu ji are kept.
  • His teachings have been consolidated by his disciples – Dadudayal Ki vani & Dadudayal-Ra-Duha.
  • Contemporary of Rana Pratap & Akbar. In 1575, met Akber and influenced him by his views.
  • Dadu Dayal stressed on faith in God and Guru, knowledge of Self, love, morality, futility of casteism, truth and simple life.
  • Virakt: Community of nomad disciples of Dadu.
  • Dadukhol: Cave on Bhairana hill in Naraina, where Dadu Dayal enetered into Samadhi.
  • Followers of Dadu Dayal can be classified into 5 types:
    • Khalsa
    • Virakta
    • Sthandhari
    • Uttaradev
    • Khaki

Sunder Das

  • He was a disciple of Dadu Dayal.
  • Born in: 1596 in Dausa.
  • Sunderdas ji established Naga sect.
  • Wrote: Sunder vilas, Sunder Granthavali, Gyan Samudra, Sundersar.
  • He is also knows as Shankarachrya of Rajasthan.
  • Died in: 1707 (or in 1689) in Sangner, Jaipur.

Meera Bai

  • Born in Samvat 1573 at Kudki, Nagaur and was married to Bhojraj, eldest son of Rana Sanga.
  • Her compositions include Teeka Raag Govind, Rukmani mangal, Teeka on Geet-Govind, and Narsi Mehta ni Mund.
  • Padawaliyan of Meera Bai are very famous.
  • Ratna Khati wrote Narsi Ji ro Mayro in Brij language (under the direction of Meera Bai)
  • Meera Bai established Pasi sect in Brindhavan (UP).
  • Meera bai followed the path of Sagun Bhakti (she used to worship idol of Lord Krishna as her husband. )
  • Note: Gavari Bai is referred to as Meera of Vagar.

Lal Das

  • Born: In 1540 at Dholidoov village of Mewat on Shravana Krishna Panchami.
  • Opposed superstitions prevalining in society & stressed on devotion & purity.
  • Sermons are available in Laldas ji ki chetavaniyan.
  • Died: At Nagla village of Bharatpur. His Samadhi is at sherpur of Alwar.
  • Major sites are in Alwar, Sherpur & Nagla.

Charan Das

  • Born in: Derha, near Alwar, in Rajasthan.
  • Author of around twenty works. Many of these are in verse and deal with aspects of devotion, particularly relating to the worship of Krishna.
  • He used to wear yellow clothes
  • Wrote commentaries on various Upanishads, particularly the Katha Upanishad, and on specific yoga practices, especially Pranayama, control of the breath.
  • Belived in harmony between Hinduism & Islam.


  • Considered incarnation of Vishnu.
  • He was born in Saabla Village(Dungarpur) in a Brahmin Family.
  • In 1727 he was enlightened at Beneshwar and established Beneshwar Dham.
  • Two disciples of Mavaji, Aji & Vaje built Laxmi Narayn temple at confluence of Som & Mahi Rivers.
  • He wrote Krishna Leela in Vagadi language
  • Collection of his sayings are called Chopada.

Pipa Ji

  • Pipa Ji or Bhagat Pipa or Pratap Singh (childhood name) was born on Chaitra Purnima in the dynasty of Gagron Ruler.
  • He was a Rajput King of Gagaraungarh, who abdicated the throne and turned into a saint of bhakti movement.
  • He was disciple of Saint Ramanand, joined Ramananda’s Vaishnavism bhakti movement
  • His Temple is at Samdari Village, Barmer
  • Saint Pipa defeated Delhi Sultan Firozshah Tughlag at Gagron Fort.
  • The Cage of Saint Pipa is built at Toda Gram(Tonk)
  • Darji Community Worship Saint Pipa .
  • He is believed to be the first Saint of Bhaktism in Rajasthan
  • He influenced Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, and Bhagat Pipa’s hymns are included in the Guru Granth Sahib.

Bhakti Saints from Rajasthan

Rajjab Ji

  • Disciple of Dadu Dayal ji.
  • Born in: Pathan Patwar, Sanganer
  • Ancient seat in Sanganer known as Rajjab Dwar.
  • Authored Rajjab vani, Sarvangi.


  • Born in Narena
  • Low caste Muslim singer, entertain Dadu with his fascinating songs.


  • Initially, a Pathan hunter.
  • Came under influence of Dadu and became follower.
  • Created literature for Dadu Panth.


  • Dadu Panthi scholar
  • In 1660 A.D. wrote Bhaktamal.

Bhakt Kavi Durlabh

  • He was born in Vagar region(Dungarpur-Banswara)
  • He was saint of Krishna bhakti
  • He is also called as Narsingh of Rajasthan

Acharya Bhikshu

Sufi Saints

A large number of Sufi Saints settled in India from 11th century onwards.

Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti

  • Born in: 1143 in Sanjar, Iran
  • He became disciple of Khwaja Usman Harooni of Chistiya Order (Silsila).
  • Came to India during in 1192 A.D. during reign of Prithvi Raj Chouhan III
  • His shrine is open to all irrespective of religion, caste or creed and especially for poor & needy, hence he is popularly knows as Garib Nawaz.
  • Died in Ajmer, his tomb is popularly known as The Dargah Sharif.
  • Mohammad Bin Tuglaq & Akbar visited the shrine during their reign.

Peer of Narhar

  • Original name – Hajrat Sakkar Bar
  • Also called as Bangad ke Dhani
  • Disciple of Sheikh Salim Chisti
  • Dargarh – Narhar village, Chidawa (Jhunjhunu)
  • Urs organised every year on Janmashtami
  • Followers in Shekhawati region

Peer Fakruddin

  • Worshipped by Daudi Bohra Sect in Rajasthan
  • Main dargah – Gailkot, Dungarpur

Bhakti Saints from Rajasthan

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