Contribution of Women in Social Political Awakening

Contribution of Women in Social Political awakening

The history of freedom movement in Rajasthan is incomplete without mention of contribution of women. Some of the Women leaders and their contributions in Social & Political awakening in Rajasthan are as follows:

Janki Devi Bajaj 

  • Janki devi bajaj was born in jaora (MP) in 1893 AD.
  • In 1902, she was married to Jamnalal bajaj.
  • She is famous as a person who gave up her rich lifestyle to inspire hundreds of women.
  • Her husband Jamnalal was influenced by Gandhiji  and  Jankidevi bajaj heartily followed her husband’s footsteps.
  • In 1919, she gave up purdah and encouraged women to choose this step as a path of courage and dignity.
  • She supported Vinoba Bhave in his social empowerment movements
  • In 1942 she became president of “akhil bhartiya gosewa sangh”.
  • She presided over the 1944 session of jaipur prajamandal.
  • In recognition of her lifelong work in women emancipation and freedom struggle, the   Government of India honoured her with the Padma Vibhushan in 1956.

Anjana Devi Chaudhary

  • Born in 1897 in sikar and married to Ram Narayan chaudhary IN 1911 AD.
  • At the age of 20 yrs she gave up the custom of purdah and joined the freedom struggle with her husband
  • From 1921-1924 she worked with the women of mewar and boondi princely states and made them realize the value of social upliftment and nationalism.
  • She was the first person to get arrested from any princely state in freedom struggle.
  • She also took part in bijolia peasant movement.

Ratan Shashtri

  • She whole heartedly supported the girl education movement started in banasthali  by heera lal shastri in 1929.
  • Took active part in jaipur prajamandal’s satyagraha in the year 1939 AD.
  • Also played an important role in 1942 quit India movement.

Rama Devi

  • Widowed in the age of 11 years and got remarried to gandhian leader Laaduram joshi.
  • Involved with her husband in the management of Rajasthan sewa sangh.
  • She was arrested in 1931 after taking part in bijolia peasant movement.
  • From 1930-32 she was actively involved in civil disobedience movement.


  • She was a bhil girl from Raastapal village of Dungarpur.
  • Dungarpur civil administration ordered the lock down of rastapal primary school and after being denied the same by Dungarpur prajamandal member nanabhai khaant , the officers tried to drag the headmaster sengabhai .
  • 13 years old Kaalibai came to his aid and immediately cut the rope with her sickle and freed sengabhai, in the aftermath of this she got bullet wounds in police firing on 18 june 1947 and finally succumbed to death on 20th june.

Kishori devi

  • She took part in the protest against jaagir system in the shekhawati region with her husband sardar harlal singh.
  • Under her leadership a women’s conference was organized in katrathal(sikar) in 1934 AD against the ill behaviour of thakur maansingh of sehot with the female farmers of sotiya-ka-baas village and around 10,000 women assembled there on her call.  

Contribution of Women in Social Political Awakening

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