Modern History of Rajasthan

History of Rajasthan during modern period 1700-1949

Rajasthan had never been united politically until its domination by Mughal Emperor – Akbar. Akbar created a unified province of Rajasthan. Mughal power started to decline after 1707. The political disintegration of Rajasthan was caused by the dismemberment of the Mughal Empire. The Marathas penetrated Rajasthan upon the decline of the Mughal Empire. In 1755
they occupied Ajmer. The beginning of the 19th Century was marked by the onslaught of the Pindaris.

This page enlists the important topics in history of Rajasthan during the modern period (1700- 1947). This page deals with only political, administrative and economical aspects of Rajasthan during 1700-1947 and cultural aspects have been covered under that particular page.

Modern History of Rajasthan ( 1707 – 1947 )

Polity & Administration of Rajasthan during Modern Period:

New states of Rajasthan during modern period:

Maratha Power in Rajasthan:

British Rule & Freedom Movement in Rajasthan

  • Political Awareness in Rajasthan

Post Independence History of Rajasthan

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