Battles in Rajasthan

Battles of Rajasthan, Battles in Rajasthan, Important battles in Rajasthan

Since antiquity, lands of Rajasthan has been witness to important battles that changed history of Rajasthan. This page lists such important battles in Rajasthan:

Battles in Rajasthan: During Ancient Period

Battles in Rajasthan: By Alauddin Khilji 

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Important Battles of Rana Kumbha

Other Battles:

  • 1492: Battle of Kosana

Battles in Rajasthan: By Rana Sanga

Battles in Rajasthan: During reign of Humayun- Sher Shah Suri

Battle Between Bikaner & Jodhpur:

  • 1541 – Battle of Pahoba

Battle between Mewar and Marwar

Battles in Rajasthan: Against Mughal Rule

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  • 1562 – 1583  – First Mughal Invasion of Marwar

Battles Post Mughals Rule in Rajasthan

  • 1761 – Battle of Maonda and Mandholi
    • The Battle of Maonda and Mandholi was fought between the Maharja Jawahar Sigh, Jat ruler of Bharatpur and Madho Singh I of Jaipur in 1767. The Jat forces were defeated and Madho Singh I followed up his victory by invading Bharatpur.
  • 1768 – Battle of Bharatpur
    • Madho Singh I invaded Bharatpur at the head of 16,000 men where he defeated Jawahar Singh again on 29 February 1768.
  • 1787 – Battle of Tunga or Battle of Lalsot
    • The combined forces of Jaipur and Jodhpur fought with the Maratha forces of Mahadaji Shinde. The battle was indecisive.
  • 1790 – Battle of Merta
    • Mahadaji Scindia defeated Maharaja Vijay Singh.
  • 1800 – Battle of Malpura
    • Daulat Rao Sindhia defeated Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh
  • 1805 – Battle of Bhatner (Hanumangarh)
  • 1806 – Siege of Mehrangarh
    • Man Singh of Marwar defeated the invading armies of Jaipur, Mewar and Bikaner so comprehensively that Jagat Singh of Jaipur had to pay a sum of Rs. 2,00,000 to secure his safe passage. In honour of Man Singhs victory over Jaipur the Jai Pol, or victory gate was built in the fort in 1808.

Few Other Battles of Rajasthan

S.No Year Name of Battle Fought Between Comment
1 1234 Battle of Bhutala/Nagda Maharana Jaitra Singh of Mewar & Sultan Iltutmish Sultan Iltutmish won
2 1492 Battle of Kosana Rao Sheetal Dev of Marwar &Maalu Khan Subedar of Ajmer Rao Sheetal Dev won
3 1541 Battle of Pahoba Rao Jaitsi of Bikaner & Maldeo of Marwar Rao Maldeo won
4 1644 Mateere ki Radd – Nagaur Amar Singh Rathore of Nagaur & Maharana Karan Singh of Bikaner Amar Singh won
5 1659 Battle of Durai Between Aurangzeb & Dara Shikoh Aurangzeb won
6 1715 Battle of Pilsud Sawai Jai Singh of Amer & Maratha Jai Singh won
7 1733 Battle of Mandsaur Sawai Jai Singh of Amer & Maratha Maratha won
8 1747 Battle of Rajmahal (Tonk) Ishwari Singh & Madho Singh of Amer Madho Singh won
9 1761 Battle of Bhatwada Shatrusaal of Kota & Madho Singh of Jaipur Shatrusaal won

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