Forests of Rajasthan

Forests of Rajasthan

According to Indian State of Forest Report 2021 – Rajasthan, the forests of Rajasthan cover approximately an area of 32,863 sq km which is 9.60% of the total geographical area of the state. The state has teak forests, which is northern most limit of teak zone in India. 

The forests of Rajasthan are spread unequally in Northern, Southern, Eastern and South Eastern parts, and the western region of Rajasthan is devoid of any forest cover.  Most of the forests are in hilly regions of Udaipur, Rajasamand, Kota, Baran Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Sirohi, Bundi, Alwar, Jhalawar and Banswara districts.

However, The extent of Natural Forests in Rajasthan is not only one of the lowest in the country but also in terms of productivity of forest, it is the lowest. On the contrary, the State is endowed with the largest chunk of wasteland which is about 20% of the total wastelands of the country.

Forest Resources of Rajasthan

Apart from meeting the fuelwood and fodder demand, forest resources of Rajasthan contribute Rs.7160 million to the state domestic product (SDP). According to Economic Review of Rajasthan 2020-21, Forestry & Logging contributed 8.67% of Gross State Value Added (GSVA) at current prices in Agriculture Sector.

Types of Forests in Rajasthan

The forests of Rajasthan can be classified on following criteria:

  • General Classification
  • Administrative Classification
  • ISFR 2021 – Classification based on Canopy
  • Champion & Seth Classification

Distribution of Forests in Rajasthan

Policies, Acts & Rules related to Forests in Rajasthan

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