Rajasthani Folk Painting Art

Rajasthani folk painting art has been divided into following types:

  • Wall & ground paintings: Devra, Pathwari, Sanjhi , Mandav etc.
  • Cloth Paintings: Pat, Pichhwai, Phad etc
  • Painting on Paper: Paane
  • Painting made on Wood: Kavad
  • Painting on Human body: Mehandi, Godana


  • Thape is a form of drawings on walls.
  • In Rajasthan it is made up turmeric, geru, henna and kumkum.
  • Pictures are drawn on the both side of the door, to invoke deities, Prevalent in Rajasthan.



  • In Jodhpur, metal utensils used for drinking water have a layer of cloth or leather wrapped around them. These are called as Badaley.
  • They are provided with beautiful designs & colours.


Thewa Folk ArtThewa Art

  • Thewa art is minute painting on glass using gold.
  • Glass used is coloured Belgium glass.
  • Different colours are used to make it attractive
  • The art is limited to Pratapgarh


Mandana Art

  • Mandana Folk ArtMandana is an art of the tribal wall and floor paintings found in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
  • It is derived from the word ‘Mandan’ referring to decoration and beautification and comprises simple geometric forms like triangles, squares and circles to decorate houses.
  • In tribal ideology they are famed for warding off evil and acting as a good luck charm.
  • It uses white khariya or chalk solution and geru or red ochre.
  • The design may show Ganesha, peacocks, women at work, tigers, floral motifs, etc.



  • Phad Folk ArtPhad is a painted scroll, which depicts stories of epic dimensions about local deities and legendary heroes.
  • Bhopas (local priests) carry these scrolls on their shoulders from village to village for a performance
  • Represents the moving shrine of the deity and is an object of worship.
  • Most popular & largest Phad – local deities Devnarayanji and Pabuji.
  • Shahpura, Tehsil in Bhilwara is famous for Phad.
  • 2006, Shri laal Joshi – was awarded Padamshri for contribution to Phad.


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