Rajasthani Music & Songs

Rajasthani Music

Rajasthani Music & Songs are centered around the emotions, stories and daily activities of people of Rajasthan. 

Music Instruments of Rajasthan

Music instruments of Rajasthan are made ingeniously from a variety of materials available in Rajasthan, that give them peculiar sound. Both percussion instruments and stringed instruments have been used in Rajasthani folk songs. Shells of dried gourds of all shapes and sizes are used for gorse stems or bamboo segments for flutes and baked clay pots for drums.

Folk Songs of Rajasthan:

Rajasthan has a rich tradition of folk songs. The hereditary castes of Bard such as Bhats, Charans, Langas, Bhopas, Manganiyars, etc. have transmitted to posterity a wealth of folklores, legends and history. The folk songs of Rajasthan are generally sung on the occasion of the festivals, family rituals and public festivities. These songs reflect local customs, superstitions and traditions. It is through the folk songs expressions like sorrow, joy and reverence can be felt. One of the most famous Rajasthani Maand singers is Allah Jilai Bai of the Bikaner Gharana.

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