Literature in Rajasthan

History of Literature in Rajasthan

Literature in Rajasthan includes all the literature works that has been created within geographical boundary of Rajasthan from start of time till now. As a result, it includes Sanskrit, Prakrit, Rajasthani, Hindi and other Language works.

History of Literature in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, literary works are found majorly in following three categories:

  • Sanskrit & Prakrit Literature
  • Rajasthani Literature
  • Hindi Literature

Sanskrit & Prakrit Literature of Rajasthan

The literature history of Rajasthan goes back to 1500 years, when ancient astronomer and mathematician Brahmagupta belonged to Bhinmal (jalore) town composed Brahsfut Siddhanta.

  • Poet Magha, who also belonged to Bhinmal and wrote Shishupal Vadh in 8th
  • Hari Bhadra Suri of Cheetore wrote Samaraichcha katha
  • Udhyotan Suri wrote Kuvalaya Mala partly in Prakrit & partly in Aprabransh in 779 A.D
  • Sidha Rishi wrote Upmiti Bharva Prancha Katha
  • Vigrah Raj Chauchan IV of Ajmer wrote drama named Harkaili
  • Somdeva, poet of Court of Vigrah Raj, wrote drama Lahit Vigrah Raj
  • Jayanak, Court poet of Prithviraj Chauchan III wrote Prthvi RMaaj Vijay
  • Maharana Khumbha wrote treatise of Jai Deva’s Geet Govinda and a book on musicology – Sangeet Raj.

Rajasthani Literature

The earliest form of Rajasthani Literature is what we get from rock edicts, inscriptions ,coins and seals. Its written form is influenced mainly by the tradition of oral literature, which carries the experiences and observations of the common masses.

We can divide it in 4 major time frames as per its relative history and contemporary traditions.

  1. Early period — also known as the “veer gatha” period extending from 1050 to 1550 ad
  2. Pre-medieval period –the bhakti period from 1450 to 1650 AD
  3. Post-medieval period – the “shringar , reeti and neeti” period from 1650 to 1850 AD
  4. Modern period – have various subjects and genres extending from 1850s to the current year.

Hindi Literature of Rajasthan

The National movement gave new life to literature in Rajasthan and large number of poets and writers expressed fury of people against British rule. The poets also reprimanded Rajput rulers of their suicidal policies.

  • Important writers of this period included Surya Mal Mishran, Girvardhan, Bhopaldan, Keshri Sibh Barhat,
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